Delightful Deal!!



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I bought two of these,  how could I not – at this price? I’ve vowed never to leave myself without a back up hairdryer again  – in case it stops working and you’re left dripping.

Small and mighty

Smaller than your average hairdryer but a bit bigger than the travel types.

Yes it’s small, yes it’s cheap, no it did not disappoint.

This dryer has two main heat settings:

1))) Very gentle

2))) Powerful, hot and strong – more than you would expect from such a small model

3))) It has a cool button, when you hold it down the flow turns cold, when you release it goes back to whatever setting you have it clicked onto

The dryer is super light in the hand – great if you have lots of hair to dry!!

Absolutely no complaints whatsoever – I’d recommend it to anyone.

No it doesn’t come with any other attachments but for the price I think it’s very good value for money.




109 thoughts on “Delightful Deal!!

  1. Deborah Mackenzie

    Best bargain is when you go to purchase moisturiser and you find it has been marked down! But I think using wipes keeps the cost down for make up remover etc


  2. Bryanna M

    my best bargains are beauty related usually — have found some amazing products for so cheap! I got a Dior Addict lip expert duo for 20 quid (was the display item so discounted) and it’s now my favourite lipstick and gloss!


  3. Gwyn Sharps

    Love the bargains on your blog, I learn a lot. I think my best bargains are usually groceries that I manage to pick up at the end of a Sunday in Asda, last week I got a bag of mixed savoury pastries for 10p and a rhubarb pie for 10p


  4. Kathy B

    My best beauty bargains are supermarket own-brand products! I always buy their shower gels, and recently bought an Apple scented hair conditioner which makes my hair so soft! It shows that you don’t always need to spend a fortune on expensive brands!


  5. Helen Spillett

    I love the boots sale after christmas.. I always stock up then! Also Sainsbury’s do some fantastic reductions.. I saw a curling tong reduced from £25 to just £9.99 this morning!


  6. Sue Price

    My local Boots had some massive beauty bargains when I was in there a couple of days ago! I got a Maybelline eyeshadow duo for £2, Rimmel lipstick for £2 and I got 5 Radox shower gels for 50p each! 😊


  7. Rebecca Hodson

    I think my best beauty bargain was the straighteners that I got for half price from Boots, then used my points to essentially get them for free!


  8. joanne casey

    My best beauty bargain was just before christmas last year when I managed to pick a Babyliss Curl Secret for £48.99 in the Tesco black friday deals. I’d wanted one for ages but the price at the time was around £120 so I was really pleased with my bargain


  9. Charmian Filewood

    When lush would do the grab bags after Christmas where you got £60s+ worth of stuff for £10 0r £15 and mine had snow fairy stuff in it!! Score!


  10. Debbie Hoare

    My best beauty bargain was a tube of L’occitane Shea butter hand cream which was a freebie but usually retails at around £8. It’s one of the best hand creams that I’v tried as well!


  11. travellersc3

    Best beauty bargain was when I was in Morocco many years ago and came across a street seller with completely natural cosmetics. You could see the flowers and other ingredients he used at the stall. Bought a lip colouring for myself and all of my girlie friends for just a couple of pounds. xx


  12. Mary H

    I wish I could use a hairdryer – my curls would not be happy.

    My best beauty bargain is coconut oil. I use it on my hair, my skin and even to shave. First discovered it when I went to Thailand in 2002 and have been hooked ever since. Tweeted @666Breeze666


  13. Catherine Thomas

    I used to buy the expensive serum for my face but have switched to the cheaper ones which are better on my sensitive skin and save me a fortune 🙂
    Tweeted @Highlandgirl


  14. gemma raines

    best beatuy buy would be make up (sometimes) from the pound shop you can get branded stuff like maybeline and revlon and if you lucky you can get the shades you love for a fraction of the price 🙂 🙂


  15. Megan Coe

    My best beauty bargain was getting a 50% discount on a load of Body shop goodies. Saved a lot of money and got some amazing products including my favourite perfume and a big tub of body butter!


  16. jules Eley

    My best bargain is two large tubs of coconut oil from ebay for £4.00 I use it for everything for face, body, hands and lips even hair conditioner!


  17. felicity williams

    My daughter and I always carry a little tin of Vaseline in our bags. It is so versatile and can be used for dry chapped lips in the winter and to put on insect bites and soothe sunburn in the summer 😀


  18. A - @A09105455

    I think my best bargain was a gold eyeliner from Avon, that sadly they don’t seem to make any more. It was perfect for summer and for Christmas.

    For currently-available ones, I’m pleased with Lush foundations and with Bomb Cosmetics Strawberry Daquiri lip balm and Hypnoskin moisturiser; they’re all very effective relative to their price.


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