Delightful Deal!!



Source: ARGOS

I bought two of these,  how could I not – at this price? I’ve vowed never to leave myself without a back up hairdryer again  – in case it stops working and you’re left dripping.

Small and mighty

Smaller than your average hairdryer but a bit bigger than the travel types.

Yes it’s small, yes it’s cheap, no it did not disappoint.

This dryer has two main heat settings:

1))) Very gentle

2))) Powerful, hot and strong – more than you would expect from such a small model

3))) It has a cool button, when you hold it down the flow turns cold, when you release it goes back to whatever setting you have it clicked onto

The dryer is super light in the hand – great if you have lots of hair to dry!!

Absolutely no complaints whatsoever – I’d recommend it to anyone.

No it doesn’t come with any other attachments but for the price I think it’s very good value for money.



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