Bahamas: Reminiscing. Take me back!!

The Bahamas is made up of over 700 small islands and cays. Following a comfortable British Airways flight, the Bahamas proved to be a relaxing destination. There is a very simple beauty to it, that is refreshing and quite charming.


  • Cable beach (with a direct view of the island owned by Eddie Murphy)
  • Fort Charlotte, one of Nassau’s main historic sites
  • ‘Majestic Tour’ of Nassau stopping off and pointing out interesting sights and landmarks, including a drive through Paradise Island
  • Adastra Gardens and Zoo, Nassau (not far from Cable beach)
  • Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island, featuring the well known underwater aquarium and popular casino
  • Paradise Island evening sail
  • Exumas by speedboat (feed sharks, stingrays and the overly commercialised attraction of pigs)
  • Leaf Cay, to feed the iguanas
  • Eleuthera (my favourite), Harbour Island

The American US Dollar seemed to be universally accepted everywhere.

Exumas: private beach

Exumas: shark feeding

Our ride for the day

Leaf Cay: grape feeding the iguanas

They’re so spoilt, an island all to themselves and grapes from tourists!!

Eleuthera: Harbour Island

Golf buggies are the main mode of transport, the ride can get a bit bumpy, you don’t need a licence.

CNV00026 copy


Cable beach

Local buses, downtown Nassau

Adastra Gardens and Zoo, Nassau


Atlantis Resort: Paradise Island

A few amateur clips below


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