A Guide To Elegance for every woman…. by Genevieve Antoine Dariaux

Looking for something easy to read on the beach this summer?

“When comfort becomes an end in itself, it is the Public Enemy Number One of elegance.” pg 32.

A Guide to Elegance‘ was published in 1964 and this is reflected in some of the authors views  (a bit old fashioned some might say) in light of more modern fashion trends today.

Nevertheless, many of the driving principles of an elegant outlook are still true today – but perhaps more of a rarity amongst the majority.

You may not agree with every little thing the author says, but I think you’ll be hard pressed not to find something in this book that is useful, worth considering, or a principle you already know to be true.

A key theme that stands out in this book: that old chestnut ‘quality over quantity’.


Good quality capsule pieces that can be mixed/matched and accessorised automatically make you appear more well put together. If money is very tight and this is difficult to achieve, it is still a good principle to strive for – choose one key capsule piece to start saving up for (a quality coat, bag, well fitted skirt, etc ) and build your capsule wardrobe slowly.

A Guide To Elegance‘ made me smile, not because it was funny, (well actually some of the advice and opinions ‘seem’ a little funny to hear in this day and age just because political correctness and feminism have done a grand job of blowing these sentiments out of the window) but because it really brings home how little regard many of us give to ‘elegance’ these days; though it isn’t really something you think of consciously – instead it is a byproduct of how you groom, present and carry yourself.

When we see elegance we know it, because it is so rare and impressive, leaving a lasting impression behind.

This book is very easy to read, with short chapters divided into handy subsections, and quite nice if you commute as you don’t feel like you’re losing your thread when you keep stopping and starting.

Excerpts from ‘A Guide to Elegance









36 thoughts on “A Guide To Elegance for every woman…. by Genevieve Antoine Dariaux

  1. Tilly travel

    Oooops, I spotted myself here, 24 hours comfort 52 weeks of the year, I am trainer lady 😀 I will admit to longing for the days when women wore hats and gloves and heels, but lets face it it’s just not practical any more. I do however still ‘dress’ for weddings and funerals and hate when I go to these things and see people in jeans and jumpers/Tee shirts. It just yells no respect to me.

    1. Cherryl

      Thanks for reading – most women opt for comfort over heels, but I’m still hanging on there with the heel minority lol. I think you get used to a style and stick with it, I love the comfort of trainers but I feel my best in heels and a skirts. Comfort is definitely leading the way though – but like you I think occasions demand a smarter effort (not lazy jeans and tshirt). x Thanks for reading.

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