Dover Beach

Literally on the lower end of St Lawrence Gap, more nice blue seas and soft sand, and plenty of shade.

Dover beach seemed a bit more relaxed and quieter than Accra beach (which is off a busier main road).




Naughty but nice!




13 thoughts on “Dover Beach

        1. Cherryl

          I’ve read some of the stories about Jamaican visitors’ experiences with immigration/customs in Barbados – it’s sad to hear what is happening to some people. I hope you get to have a pleasant visit to Barbados at some point if you decide to go there.

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          1. Alexis Chateau

            Yes, that’s what I was referring to. I think Jamaica as a country still has an ongoing suit against Barbados for rough-housing and sexually assaulting one of our citizens. It’s really discouraged many of us from traveling to other Caribbean islands, which isn’t so bad. We have Jamaica after all. Some people would say we are the Caribbean haha


            1. Cherryl

              All of the caribbean is a piece of paradise, so I guess you’re not missing much πŸ”† that said, I’d hate to think things might continue this way as it’s nice to explore and enjoy what’s around you. Hopefully things will improve.

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              1. Alexis Chateau

                That is true, paradise minus the crime and violence. I hear it’s really getting bad back home since they cracked down white collar crime.

                I do hope relations improve between the countries but they likely won’t. Other Caribbean countries don’t fancy Jamaicans much. It is what it is.


    1. Cherryl

      Thank you Lol, I’m back home in London for Christmas, if it’s not cold it doesn’t feel right. I hope we get some snow, but maybe not 12 inches, wow!!! I bet 12 inches of snow looks pretty though. Stay safe and keep warm x

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