Knapsack On My Back: The Thrifty Wanderer!


Ok that’s enough of that. Bargain time!

Knapsacks, more commonly known as rucksacks or back packs are the ultimate in hands free bags.

There is no need to succumb to the big bulky mountaineering style back packs of old; nowadays there are a whole host of stylish variations to suit a range of needs, including those that fold away into a flat piece of nothing!

The folding backpack  – a handy thing to have with you on your travels just in case!!

It makes sense right? Lightweight, easy to pack, nice bright colour, and it carries lots of ‘stuff’.

Having tried and tested it over several weeks I can safely say it was extremely good value for money, (£3.71) comfortable to carry when light and surprisingly strong when heavy. I would definitely recommend them to anyone as a useful cheap extra.


Folded flat














There are just a few sore points I should share:

  1. As you can see, the straps are not padded for comfort so you want to avoid weighing it down too much, keep it light!
  2. The two grey mesh outside pockets are a great feature but my bottle of water kept falling out  when the bag was fuller.
  3. If your in a hot climate and sleeveless – the straps can scratch on the skin a little.
  4. If the sun is strong, the inside coating (waterproofing, I think) of the bag will melt – as happened in my case!
  5. Further use of the bag (not in hot weather) resulted in more and more shedding of the inside lining to the point that it was spreading all over the bag’s contents like snowflakes – at this point it went in the bin – I’ll definitely be on the hunt for a similar bag, but better quality and padded traps.

I guess I got what I paid for…but it was still good value for the price as a one off, and carried a lot of ‘stuff’ 😉screen-shot-2017-01-03-at-20-08-14

HENGSONG Women’s Man’s Folding Travel/Shoppin/Make Up Travel Shoulder Bags Backpack Organizer (Blue)


Sopping for the perfect travel accessories is never straight easy!!




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