Delightful Deals

Bought some perfume in duty free and bagged myself this free Hugo Boss holdall, a great little weekend/hand luggage bag that will definitely come in handy!!





Picked up these free magazines in Victoria train station – which would otherwise cost a whopping £17.07

Gurgle £3.99/Global £4.99/Good House Keeping £4.30/Reader’s Digest £3.79


Picked up for 50p each at M&S (still haven’t used them all)! Not the richest moisturisers but refreshing and light.


What delightful deals have you picked up lately?


6 thoughts on “Delightful Deals

  1. Keith Edward Ripley

    I went to my local pub and the beer mats said if I scratched a card when I bought a pint of beer, and it was a picture of a full pint, I’d get a free pint and another card. I had a winning card every time for 6 pints so my evening out was almost free except the first pint!

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