Out and about Antalya

Manavgat Waterfall

The morning started with a quick stop at this very impressive Turkish waterfall, with it’s powerful current and beautiful blue hue.


There were various sellers in the park, as you can see here – T shirts for five Euros!!

Retro police car

Next stop: Dikmen Textile Outlet

A holiday rep described this as being the TK Maxx of Turkey, and he wasn’t wrong. Practically every sports brand and commonly known designer labels were in full force at ‘next to nothing’ prices (i.e. 7 euros for a T shirt). There’s a massive children’s section, shoes, men and womenswear and they take cards and cash including pounds sterling.

You’re given a wrist band before you enter, and then you’re given a big blue ‘Ikea’ bag to go around the shop with.

This outlet is huge – and vey much in the lay out style of TK Maxx

Time for lunch




The lake by the restaurant










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