A Sunday Well Spent……From Regent Street to Regents Park

London’s Regent Street was blocked off for traffic today and had all sorts of interesting things going on from having a go at beating the fastest tennis slam speed, Cuban musicians, fitness sessions and plenty more. Needless to say I was very quickly distracted from window shopping and decided to go for a wander.

Flower Power!!! Just loving those pretty pink florals….

We also seem to have snatched the cuban weather – honestly, this summer is coming close to a miracle. We’ve had a consistent heatwave for pretty much two weeks straight and it’s set to continue – we’re lovin’ it!

A quick Indian dahl and rice lunch before escaping the West end to ‘greener pastures’.

A walk in Regents Park

Pretty flowers

Watch out for scammers!!!

The park: a secret escape in the city…

Fresh and vibrant


Egrets are the best living statues I’ve seen….

A little waterfall

This has got to be one of the weirdest looking trees I’ve ever seen but the shade under there was a welcome rest from the sun…and it wasn’t as dark as it looks either lol

The fabulous rose garden

The open air theatre had a live jazz band playing…

These guys had some unusual looking feet…


I love penguins – so this was today’s highlight πŸ˜‰πŸ§





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