A Walk Behind the Scenes: Sliema Malta

Take a Walk, through Sliema Malta

There’s a bit more to Sliema in Malta, than The Strand, boats, shops and views of Valletta.

A windy day with a chill in the air – seemed like a good day to wrap up warm and go walking to help burn off some of those heavy weight Maltese pastries, after all Malta was made for walking, and so were you!!

As so many before me have said, you really need to make an effort to wander off and explore Sliema. Yes it’s the most modern city on Malta with lots of shopping, boat trips and restaurants, but there’s a more hidden side to Sliema, tucked away behind the modern face lift.

Weave your way through the streets behind The Strand/main Sliema Malta strip.

Some of Sliema’s old charm can still be found in it’s back streets, from a more rustic era, where outlandish door handles are proudly displayed on solid wooden doors – and again, there’s is something very reminiscent of Cuban architecture in Malta’s traditional buildings.

A sharp contrast to the high rise city vibe that spans along The Strand, you’d never think Sliema used to be a quiet fishing village!

Under Construction

Cranes and construction sites are testimony to the rapid rate of evolution in Sliema.

Old buildings are fast being replaced with new modern buildings and there’s fierce objection from some, who feel Sliema’s identity is being ripped away.

Others support the changes, embracing Sliema’s strong tourist draw, and the benefits of greater tourism to the island and its economy.

Back in time, Maltese women wouldn’t really leave the house unless they were accompanied by their husbands. The window boxes allowed women to look out and see what was going on outside whilst maintaining their privacy.



In a shop window

This brilliant painting uses the base of a wooden crate as a canvas, what great way to up-cycle!

One of many interesting pieces in a little art gallery tucked away in the back streets of Sliema.

Art gallery in Sliema

Street art

A Few More Doors

Steep streets are standard around here – be warned. You will feel untapped muscles kicking into action as you stroll and Valletta has some pretty steep ones too. If you’re driving, your clutch control had better be on point or else there’ll be trouble.

Where to next?

After wandering aimlessly upward and outward for a couple of hours, stopping to take pictures of doors, and more doors……you might find yourself in the Bay of St Julian’s, greeted by some dramatic waves and fresh breezy sea air.

There’s also a short cut from Sliema’s outdoor shopping area into the edge of St Julians Bay – the road in between NEXT and Holland & Barrett (yes, Brits, they’ve got all our old favourites in Malta) – it looks like it leads to nowhere but just keep walking, you’ll end up down by the sea.

From here you can walk up to Spinola Bridge and into the heart of Paceville.

Its a lovely walk when the waves are wild, hitting the edges and spraying up onto the pavement in some parts, (just watch yourself).

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