About Cherryl’s Blog

All in all, this is a lifestyle blog with a good sprinkle of travel for good measure!

Cherryl’s Blog A-Z

Another blog (yes, but hopefully a bit more varied than average)
Book reviews (bookworm indeed)
Competitions (giveaways)
Delightful deals (some bargains are too good to keep to myself)
Engaging ( I will respond to your comments etc..)
Fabulous fashion (we might not always agree on this one!)
Glorious food
High heels
Interesting (that’s what I’m aiming for)
Jokes (the odd bit of humour here and there)
Kitchen antics (from new gadgets to the odd recipe)
London (I might make cliche references to London since I live there)
Mine (I am the author of the blog, all posts are my own and all photos are mine unless marked with a ‘source’ link)
Narcissism (I’m trying to avoid this)
Opinions (absolutely fine if you disagree)
Photography (A beautiful picture is priceless)
Positive vibes (although a good moan doesn’t hurt now and again)
Questions (I’m a curious about your views, thoughts and opinions)
Random thoughts (when I feel like having a rant)
Sprinkles of luxury (whenever I’m fortunate enough)
Travel (I’m a beach junkie and curious about people, cultures and places)
Useful info, advice, tips (on various things)
Vanity (in moderation lol)
Worthy causes (giving is important)
Zest for life (there are some many things in life to be grateful for, look forward to , make plans for, and take steps toward)

Feel free to get in touch at: shoppingliving@gmail.com



















































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