Dear Morocco

I’d been meaning to drop by for a while now, sorry I took so long. It was quite something to be engulfed in your sweet spicy air and terracotta backdrop. I must say though, your medina in Marrakech was a bit scary as I span around in a whirlwind of music, animals, prayer chants, snake […]

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22 Rumours about your Morocco Holiday: Setting the Record Straight!

People who have had a Morocco holiday seem to have quite strong opinions about the place, I guess that’s because it’s such a distinct country and culturally rich experience (certainly not a predictable and run of the mill holiday destination). Should you believe all the hype about Morocco? Here are a few of my ‘before […]

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Ait Benhaddou: The fortified city and Hollywood of Morocco

On our way to the Sahara desert we stopped off at Morocco’s well known High Atlas Mountain Hollywood territory, the Red Citadel of Morocco, Citadel of Ait Benhaddou in the town of Ouarzazate. Caravans of camels used to used to stop here whilst heading to Marrakech from the Sahara. It’s also a very popular stand […]

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