Red Sky at Night…..another Beautiful Sunset

Apparently, a red sky at night really is a shepherds delight because it means the weather will be good the next day. The photographs below capture a sunset one evening on the west coast of Barbados. Without a camera, these sights would have so easily been forgotten – it doesn’t bare thinking about. I love […]

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Barbados: St Lawrence Gap is Where it’s at?

Anyone who knows anything about Barbados will be familiar with all the hype surrounding St Lawrence Gap. Party scene Clubs Bars Restaurants Nightlife Street vendors All things touristy Down to earth Affordable hotels Lively vibe Dover beach Close to Oistins and Bridgetown It just wouldn’t be right not to spend at least a few nights in the […]

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Welcome to Grenada! Rude Staff at Maurice Bishop International Airport.

After long flight, rude staff at Maurice Bishop International Airport is the last thing you need. Nobody expected to be greeted with the rude and hostile attitude of some ‘female’ immigration staff we encountered, and these women were and embarrassment to Grenada. What a welcome!! Perhaps these staff did not wish to encourage tourism into Grenada […]

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