Have Bags, Will Travel by D.G. Kaye

Being completely incapable of travelling light myself, the title and colourful cover page of this book got my attention immediately, I couldn’t wait to hear the author reaffirm that I was not alone in this!!

I often find myself looking at other people’s suitcases, wondering how on earth they could have packed anything useful in them because they look so small. I’ve been asked in the past if I was going away for a week (judging by suitcase), when in fact I was just going away for a long weekend.

If you are a ‘so called’ over packer, you will certainly take comfort in the authors memoirs and packing challenges.

Honestly, this might have been one of the shortest books I’ve read in a while, with some of the chapters being only two pages long, in fact I was really disappointed when I saw how thin it was, but as they say – size isn’t everything, and it was way better than I expected.

This shopaholic author chats away about her travel traumas, random experiences and funny thoughts; it’s as though she’s sitting with you in your living room having cosy natter. I found myself nodding along to much of what she shared about her travel experiences, though I think she sounds a lot worse than me when it comes to shopping and excess luggage.

Thankfully I haven’t been ruthlessly interrogated by customs or witnessed my suitcase coming round the baggage carousel broken and wide open “like an open sandwich”, what a nightmare!!

Turning into a contortionist when using plane toilets – oh yes, every time, and also when I’m trying to turn around in the plane aisle without knocking a few people out in the process!

The joys of travel!!!

‘Have Bags, Will Travel’ is a quick, easy and fun read that’s sure to put a smile on your face!


20 thoughts on “Have Bags, Will Travel by D.G. Kaye

  1. Angela Macdonald

    For some reason, my luggage has a habit of wanting to go on its own travels, on one occasion I was sitting on the plane with my husband getting ready to take off, when he said “your case has just fell off the van/cart thing onto the tarmac and I don’t think they’ve noticed it” or something along those lines, i thought he was winding me up until I saw my yellow case just sitting on the tarmac, the baggage crew did not spot it, and as we took off I just had to wave goodbye to my luggage! I did get reunited with it, but not for about another 12 hours after we arrived!


  2. Karen

    My luggage story happened when I was 19 and went on my first holiday to Spain with my 2 friends. Waiting at the airport to pick our suitcases up off the carousel. Well of course theirs were the first out. Slowly people moved away from the carousel as they picked up their cases. Getting a bit worried now thinking my luggage was lost then finally mine came on it’s lonesome with of all things a pair of lacy knickers on top which weren’t mine. Glad no one saw. @Welsh34 on Twitter.

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  3. boyversusworld

    This does look like a great read and probably an easy read. My only odd packing experience was when I moved to college. I packed about a week’s worth of clothes because I had mailed all the rest of my clothes through the US postal service. I was young and naive and made the dumb assumption that anything I packed in my checked luggage would arrive in one piece. I didn’t have that much experience traveling at that point. So, I packed a bottle of laundry detergent. I didn’t wrap it or take any precautions to tape or seal it more tightly because what was the worse that could happen? Needless to say my 1st check bag came off the carousel without a hitch. I watched in horror and dismay as my 2nd luggage creaked it’s way around the carousel leaving a trail of blue laundry detergent in it’s wake. The baggage attendant quickly retrieved the bag from the carousel and dragged it over to the bag redemption office. I actually waited until everyone left the carousel so no one would see me make the walk of shame to the redemption office. The baggage attendant could only smile and reassure me that everything was fine but needless to say I left with my belongings in a large black trash bag and at least they were clean and smelled like morning rain.

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    1. Cherryl

      Lol, that’s a great one, and yes, at least yours would have been the freshest smelling luggage in the entire airport 😆I once had leaky nail varnish remover and I think the scent may have peen picked up by dogs – needless to say, I had to open my suitcase to be searched – thankfully I’d packed everything neatly so it wasn’t too embarrassing – we live and learn 😊

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