Question Time: Overrated Travel Experience?

Have you ever been on holiday somewhere and returned home feeing completely underwhelmed, an overrated travel experience? The bloggersphere, social media, travel magazines etc. never stop bombarding us with ‘must see’ attractions and destinations. Great Expectations  What a terribly sad and somewhat psycho story that was! 😆Hopefully none of us will react that badly to […]

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22 Rumours about your Morocco Holiday: Setting the Record Straight!

People who have had a Morocco holiday seem to have quite strong opinions about the place, I guess that’s because it’s such a distinct country and culturally rich experience (certainly not a predictable and run of the mill holiday destination). Should you believe all the hype about Morocco? Here are a few of my ‘before […]

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Nikon Coolpix A900 Review

Following a decision to downsize from my old DSLR camera, and weeks of reading reviews, watching youtube unboxing vlogs and looking longingly (and somewhat cluelessly) through department store camera displays, I ended up bagging the Nikon Coolpix A900. I wanted something easy to use with a powerful zoom that looks like a modest everyday holiday maker […]

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