Childhood Before Social Media

The Modern way is the ‘logged on way’, social media seems to have gripped society into a tight vice. We’re living in an era of ‘cyber kids’, who hang out with cyber friends, talk cyber talk and travel for free throughout a never ending cyber world. Social media marketing is leaving TV and radio behind […]

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Never A Dull Moment: Entering The Fourth Age

The notion of a fourth age, what an interesting and very relevant topic!! I’m probably not the only one noticing the not so subtle increase in self service machines and reduction in humanly manned check out tills in shops/banks/post offices these days, or the general creeping momentum around all things ‘smart’ and the ushering in […]

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Should Schools Put Tracking Devices in Students’ ID Cards?

In response to an old New York Times article:    Although this article isn’t about UK schools, it’s still worth pondering on. Isn’t it true that absenteeism from school, playing truant, involvement in antisocial and delinquent behaviour  are all well known reoccurring problems with school aged teens. Youth workers, social workers, education welfare officers, youth offending officers, […]

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