A Virgin Holidays v-room Breakfast

I never normally bothered with these things ย as I actually used to like the buzz of wandering around crowded airport shops and having a nice proper cooked breakfast in some crowded eatery before a flight. A very good Virgin travel agent ย managed to do some effective arm twisting so I can now say I’ve given […]

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An American In The Australian Outback, Aboriginal Tour! Mutant Message Down Under.

So after reading Mutant Message Down Under many years ago and enjoying it again recently I thought it deserved a well earned mention. The book is written as a work of fiction in order to protect the aboriginal tribe concerned, but based on their real life experiences. An American white caucasian physician ย lands a contract […]

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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: Salander trilogy by Steig Larsson

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Book 1) This is the first book of a trilogy. Crime/Thriller My rating: 7/10 Basically, you have a guy named Blomkvist running a magazine/journalistic company named Millennium; he hires an aloof, antisocial, secretive girl named Salander to work in his office and they develop a bit of a strange […]

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