Nails Inc Giveaway



Nails inc:

  • Very ‘on trend’
  • Rich colours
  • Easy to apply
  • Smart heavy duty bottles
  • Popular non UV Gel effect polishes.

Up for Grabs!!


Nails Inc Covent Garden Place Gel Effect Nail polish and New Globe Walk (Glitterglobe)



Nails Inc Vitamin E Cuticle Oil Pen




To win, simply:

  1. Share your top nail care tips in the comments below
  2. RT the competition tweet
  3. Follow @thriftyshopper7 on twitter

Closing Date: 24/4/16 midnight

Winner will be drawn from UK entries 





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42 thoughts on “Nails Inc Giveaway

  1. Natalie Crossan

    I like to moisturise my hands and nails and wear gloves overnight. They’re like new hands in the morning!!
    I’m @nattycrossaint on twitter btw 😉


  2. ashleaarticulates

    When using hand-cream, don’t forget to rub it into your nails and cuticles too. You can also use almond or olive oil to help penetrate the skin and nail, repair any damage and soften your nails and cuticle.


  3. Alenah Jones

    Being a new Mum I keep my nails short so I don’t catch my little girl and so painting them makes me feel nice and girly. If I get bored of my nail colours I mix two together (right now I have a glitter topcoat over another colour) I also find it easier to peal off if I don’t have nail polish remover, or the time to remove it 🙂 good luck everyone


  4. olivia280177

    Keep your nails at a manageable length for your lifestyle. I have 3 kids, do a lot of driving, gardening, washing and lugging stuff about and mine need to be a bit shorter than what they are really!


  5. sandy ralph

    when you have to file your nails don’t saw back and forth, Instead file in one direction only, and do it slowly and evenly to reduce risk of breakage.


  6. Charmian Filewood

    Always wear rubber gloves while doing the dishes or any harsh cleaning as the water and chemicals weaken the nails



    Don’t paint your nails right to the edge. Leave a few millimetre at the cuticle and at the sides. You can make a whole stroke with the brush and not get any varnish over edge!


  8. andrea tinkler

    Use a sharp manicure scissors or clippers. Trim your nails straight across, then round the tips in a gentle curve. follow on twitter @simontink


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