The National Gallery: art and history combined

Art galleries are great places to pass time, ponder your own thoughts, and feast the artistic eye.

There is something very calming about art galleries, regardless of whether you find any appreciation in the art.

The National Gallery is oozing with historic pieces.

I am amazed at the beauty and incredible size of some of these paintings, and the frames are a vintage lovers dream, fabulously ornate and probably needing a crane to hang them…


Interesting conversations can be struck with fellow observers, filling you in on some of the more controversial stories behind some of the pieces; a fountain of interesting knowledge is often stood beside you looking at the same piece, unbeknownst to us at the time.

You are permitted to take photographs throughout the gallery, without a flash.

A towering landmark in Trafalgar Square, The National Gallery offers free admission each day. Charges may apply to some side-line (short term) exhibitions, which will be advertised on their website for your information. SAM_1722SAM_1714SAM_1715


Mosaic flooring in the front entrance



Gift shop purchase: Book mark and fridge magnet






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