Time for a cuppa!


Hmmm, so we’re in for another heatwave that’s set to last most of August, sounds good. Ironically, the autumn/winter ranges are starting to make a bold appearance in most high street stores. Great time for some summer bargains!! 🔆

It’s a hard gamble waiting for clothes to go down in the sales, by the time the price goes down they run out of your size. Typical. If you ‘really really really’ like something, can’t find anything else like it, can’t stop thinking about it ( can afford it) and have super strong intent to wear it anytime soon, buy it. 👗👔

Celebrity Big Brother #CBB kicked off last week, I must admit I’m quite curious to see how the ‘mob wife’ fares in such a potentially psychotic environment, so yes I will be watching, I need to play catch up as I haven’t tuned in since the initial ‘watching them all go into the house’ episode. 📺

Dropped the plug of my iron in a bowl of water the other day. Clever. Bought a new one, but it’s so annoying having to spend money on something when you know you shouldn’t have needed to. More annoying than that is the whole Argos ‘in-store’ experience, the slow moving disorganised queue with people trying to jump in, not to mention the array of confused faces looking up and around at the collection point , while you wonder what on earth is taking so long with your item (maybe they should have a cafe area with some soothing music, where you can sit and have a drink while you wait for you call out). 😤

I’m much more of an online shopper at heart, and you don’t really get to see/touch things before you buy them in Argos anyway so you might as well order online and avoid the craziness. 🚚

Oh and the cashier that served me made a really big deal about loving my necklace, and then asked if I was on my way to a party  (approx 5pm in the afternoon) lol.   I said  “erm no, just  standard ‘day in the office’ attire “ #worldapart 😊

Every lady knows that a statement necklace goes a long way with a simplistic top and skirt. 💁

Cringe of the week was the guy on the tube clipping his fingernails one by one. Not something that should be done in public, (whatever next) though I guess at least he looked better groomed for wherever he was going and in this case, credit to his “don’t care who’s looking or what anyone thinks” mentality. No harm done, he put his clippings in a tissue and took them with him.😏







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