What’s Your Type? 12 Tourist Types

Most of us are probably a mixture of types, depending on where we are, the mood we’re in, and who we are with. On the whole, I’d say I’m the ‘photographer type’, I just can’t stop taking pictures of everything when I’m on holiday. I carry about 20 memory cards, and countless fully charged spare batteries for each camera….

1. The Adventurers

Extreme sports and adrenaline junkie types. The ‘must’ do must see everything’.


2. The Backpackers

They’re usually all about saving and making money whilst on holiday, avoiding anything stereotypically touristy (like a beach resort hotel), they go off the beaten track and throw themselves into the real culture of a place.


3. The Bigger & Betters

Whatever you see/do/eat – they’ve done it or seen it better somewhere else and take great pleasure in sharing this with you. They’ll have stayed in better hotels than ‘this’, been on more amazing/life changing excursions than ‘that’, seen more breath taking beaches than ‘this’ …..you catch my drift.


4. The Booze Cruisers (some overlap with ‘The Shameless’)

Getting as drunk as possible every night and day is the aim of their game.


5. The Photographers

They are compulsive camera clickers. Everything in sight is thought to be photo worthy. They cannot bear the thought of not capturing ‘everything’ on camera to take home and keep forever.


6. The Home Sickers

They look for pizza and chips on every menu. Anything unfamiliar is a no no. You will hear comments like “I can cook this better, we get better chips at home” and constant complaints, critiques and comparisons with home  – in favour of home.


7. The Newlyweds

They wander around glued together like they’re in a romantic dream land.


8. The Loungers

They don’t really leave the resort much. Predictably, you will find them at regular spots or the same unofficially ‘reserved’ lounge chairs, where they can just lay out in the sun (or shade) all day, sipping drinks, people watching or reading books.



9. The Shameless

Outrage and shock factor govern their behaviour. Dare-devil shenanigans and expressions of bravado (aka stupidity) are right up their street. They seem oblivious to any onlookers at any given time and relish in the reactions they get from others.


10. The Snooters

They seem to look down their nose at everything and everyone. ‘No way’ will they initiate conversation with anyone they don’t know. They never appear to be having a good time, passing disapproving looks  – left right and centre. You wonder why they came.


11. The Story Tellers

You will spend some part of your holiday hearing all about their life story, plans for the future, problems at home, their favourite colour, and that time when…..


12. The Vloggers

You will spot the selfie sticks and mono pods a mile off. Gopros are brandished with pride. They appear to be talking to themselves much of the time and barely ever switch off the record button.


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