‘Twas The night before the flight

This is when it finally sinks in that you are about to jet off somewhere – no more thinking about it, no more pondering over how many weeks or days left to go – its tomorrow!! traffic-light-1024768_640

Spend this night the right way and you will feel relaxed, and ready for you flight the next day, with little or no stress.


By the ‘night before’ you will of course already done the following 10 things:

1. Finished packing, yes ‘finished’


I never write my address on tags, just a contact number and email address

2. Gathered all you passport, ticket and related travel documents together in one place (and you will have emailed copies to yourself as back up)

3. Organised your transport to the airport

4. Made any necessary arrangements with your neighbours

stocksnap_52dnu547oz5. Used up all the food that will go off/rot while you’re away strawberries-fruits-fruit-red

6. Given the house a good clean and tidy  – so you can relax in it when you return. Coming back to a clean tidy home after a long flight is a very warm welcome indeed, so try and get as much tidying up and laundry done, wash any stray dishes, put fresh bedding on your beds and make them up nicely, fluff up the cushions etc etc…


7. Switched off/unplugged whatever needs it (well this can wait until the night before)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

8. Set your security alarms/timers

9. Sorted out any roaming packages with your mobile phone company (if need be) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

10. Gone over the list you prepared weeks/months earlier to make sure everything is crossed off

My usual preference is to stay in an airport hotel, especially if I’m catching a morning flight the next day.


1. I get a decent night’s sleep instead of dragging myself up at some dispicable hour of the morning to travel to the airport.

file8431347703160Sleep easy

2. I have greater peace of mind. Knowing I’m already in the airport when I wake up and all I need to think about is check-in and breakfast. (I recently tried a Nando’s breakfast for the first time, it wasn’t bad).

3. The night before is a far better time to get stuck in traffic, forget something and have to return home for it, get lost, get delayed, get diverted due to road works etc.


Sofitel Hotel, very comfy beds!



Remember to take photographs of each piece of luggage ( in case of loss, to help with identification – hopefully this won’t be needed but you never know). Brightly coloured or distinctive features on luggage make it easier to identify, as opposed to ‘just black’ – though I admit I prefer black luggage because it avoids scuffs, marks and scratches showing up easily. 

Unless you are away for more than month, you might want to consider ordering an online grocery shop to arrive the day you get home or day after  (or order online while you are away) – allowing enough time for your journey from the airport. Going out and doing a food shop is probably the last thing you’ll want to do when you get back! file0001745671972


May the night before your flight, be an absolute delight!!

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