The Night Before the Flight: 13 Things You Should Already Have Done

On the night before the flight, it finally sinks in that you’re about to jet off somewhere – no more thinking about it, no more pondering over how many weeks or days left to go – its tomorrow!!

You’re ‘out of office’ is on and you’re in a completely different zone – mentally, at last.

Spend this night the right way and you’ll be nice and relaxed, ready for you flight the next day, with little or no stress – other than the usual airport security shenanigans.

It takes a bit of prior planning well worth the effort.


Here’s 13 things to have already done by the ‘night before’ your flight:

#1 Finished packing, yes ‘finished’

If you’re anything like me, I’m packing the minute I decide I want to go somewhere and throughout the countdown. Little bits here and there as well as a lists – glorious lists. Without my lists I’d be sure to forget something.

If the holiday is a matter of months/weeks away, I start putting clothes aside in a section of the wardrobe in preparation for packing, things I think I want to take – plus its helpful to be able to glance at what your bringing to wear – helps you plan your outfits and work out what’s missing.

Small things can be thrown into suitcases as and when – ticking them off the list as you go.


I never write my address on tags, just a contact number and email address

#2 Gathered all your Documents in one place

Survey or exam form paper sheets pile with answered quiz checklist and success result assessment flat cartoon Premium VectorI usually have a plastic envelope type thing (one that keeps your papers flat and uncreased) for all the important bits like passport, tickets, visas, and any other related travel documents.

Keep them together in one place (with extra copies in my hold luggage) and copies on email/phone photos as back up).

#3 Organised your transport to the airport

Black luxurious limousine on road in city Premium Vector If you’re heading to the airport on the day of the flight – make sure you don’t wait until the morning to organise your transport – very risky.

Personally – I’m usually staying in an airport hotel the night before the flight – it’s become a tradition, and is a very effective way of reducing night before stress – as long as you get organised beforehand.

If you realise you’ve forgotten something vital (heaven forbid), you’ll still have time to go back home and get it before the morning.

Being so close to the airport means little or no journey to make on the day of the flight – you’re already at the airport. Such a lovely feeling.


#4 Made any necessary arrangements with your neighbours

If you’re leaving them a set of keys – reminding them about what the pets eat for dinner etc..don’t wait until the night before…what if they’re out? Try and have all this in order a few days ahead of time – with a quick reminder the night before.


#5 Used up all the food that will go off while you’re away

Again this can be tricky if you fail to think about this until the night before your flight.

A few days before – plan your meals carefully (or eat out – treat yourself) and work out if there’s anything you need to freeze or throw away. Mouldy food in the fridge is not a particularly nice thing to come home to.


#6 Given the house a good clean and tidy

Optional, but I highly recommend it – so you can relax in it when you return.

Coming back to a clean tidy home after a long flight is a very warm welcome indeed.

Try and get as much tidying up and laundry done prior.

The day/night before: pour bleach down the drains, put all the rubbish out, wash any stray dishes, put the dishwasher on, put fresh bedding on your beds and make them up nicely, fluff up the cushions etc etc…

Bedroom interior modern flat with a bed, nightstand, wardrobe and window and plant. Vector cartoon illustration

#7 Switched off/unplugged whatever needs it

Well I suppose most of this will be done just before you leave the house….


#8 Set any home security alarms/timers, locked all the windows etcControl block home security system Premium VectorSurveillance video camera home security system Premium Vector

#9 Sorted out any roaming packages with your mobile phone company


#10 Checked the list for the last time

The list you prepared weeks/months earlier and have been checking routinely – to make sure everything is crossed off.

#11 Get a good night’s sleep

Ready to get a decent night’s sleep instead of dragging yourself up at some despicable hour of the morning to travel to the airport. As mentioned – staying in an airport hotel really helps with this, especially if you’re catching a morning flight the next day.


You’ll have greater peace of mind. Knowing you’re already in the airport when you wake up, and all you need to think about is check-in and breakfast.

The night before is a far better time to get stuck in traffic, forget something and have to return home for it, get lost, get delayed, get diverted due to road works, campaigners and activists etc etc.

#12 Take photographs (you heard right)

Take photographs of each piece of luggage, in case of loss, to help with identification.

Hopefully this won’t be needed but you never know.

#13 Do an online shop

Unless you’re away for more than month, you might want to consider ordering an online grocery shop to arrive the day you get home or day after – allowing enough time for your journey home from the airport.

Going out and doing a food shop is probably the last thing you’ll want to do when you’ve just got back, jet-lagged and drained! file0001745671972


May the night before your flight, be an absolute delight!!


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