Sleep, Sit, Lean and Read on it!

As with everything, I usually spend quite a lot of time shopping around, and reading reviews before making a purchase.

This particular travel pillow seems to be relatively low cost (on Amazon),  though  they cost a bit more on Ebay.






This pillow looked thicker and more deeply cushioned than a lot of others I skimmed online.

It turned out to be a very good choice,  my only intention was to put it round my neck for napping during long distance travel.

I actually ended up using the pillow in the following ways:

  • Around my neck to take a nap – I could lean left or right with it snuggly in the nook of my neck for firm comfort. No neck ache so far!

  • As a cushion – the pillow foam is firm enough to sit on for extra comfort during transit.

  • As support for my back – sometimes I just want to straighten up a bit in my seat – I put the pillow into the small of my back, and felt a big difference.

  • As a book/magazine rest whilst reading – by placing the cushion on my lap.

I have unzipped/removed the cover and washed it on a 40 degree cycle – no problems there.

I’d definitely recommend it.



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