The Penguin Lessons, A True Story

If it wasn’t for the fact that I adore penguins, and that this is a true story, I would never have bought this book.

Ever since watching ‘The March of The Penguins’ years ago, I have been won overΒ by penguins, their cuteness and similarities to humans.

I was intrigued to hear a story about a penguin forming a human-like bond with an Englishman in Argentina.

Juan Salvador is smart, he’s a survivor, a sociable and loyal penguin who chooses to remain with his human rescuer, despite attempts to release him back into the wild.

Don’t expect thrills and suspense from this book, but do expect to find yourself stopping to ponder on the fact that humans and animals are not much different when it comes to the fundamentals of forming trust and loyal bonds with other living beings.



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