Bird Talk

Whilst on holiday……


Is it just me or do birds look really scary whenever you see one fly by at night. In the dark you can’t always tell what it is, is it a bird, is it a bat….or some other large thing flying past that gives you the shivers?

When in the UK I rarely sit outdoors at night for these thoughts to enter my head, but when you’re in a hot destination, the outdoor evenings are a welcome relief from the daytime heat.


There seemed to be one little bird that came up really close most mornings on my hotel balcony, looked me in the eye and waited ‘unnerved’ until I’d get up and come back with some bread, this little bird had more guts than a lot of  people.

Sweet Tooth

Then there was the tiny little bird I spied eating a lot of sugar from a breakfast table, after having worked out how to lift the metal on the cannister to get at the sugar. I wonder if birds get diabetes, I hope not.





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