A Few Shocking Things About Hotels

Not that I’m trying to put you off staying  in a hotel ‘ever again’ but….

It’s always good to know what you might be up against, surely!

Prepare to cringe.

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Now I can’t say I’ve ever experienced anything on the scale of the above to my knowledge, thankfully. I think the most horrific thing I’ve encountered was a menacing giant cockroach on a hotel balcony late at night – I ‘sprintedback into the room (nearly leaving my flip flops behind) trying to slide the door shut as the cockroach was speeding toward the gap in the door, I didn’t know they could move so flippin’ fast. My heart was pounding. I won though! …and that balcony door remained tightly shut until the next morning.

Don’t get me wrong, its common to see cockroaches in hot tropical destinations, but this was the first time I’d ever felt pursued by one, and if it had made it into the room goodness knows where it might have ended up!!

Earlier that day at the same hotel, the onsite electrician suggested we boil our kettle using the plug socket in the bathroom – alternatively, heavily overload an adapter to one socket in the room – as a more suitable socket in the room failed to work. Needless to say, we complained about this (and due to a few other poor customer service related issues) we left after only one of ten nights and transferred to another hotel, receiving the full refund we requested without a cancellation charge. I guess this was more of a ‘health & safety’ category of hotel horrors.

I’m curious to hear some of your own ‘hotel horror stories’ so feel free to share below.

There may be trouble ahead…….🎵 🎶

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