Beach Banter #5


So I’ve been to places that were hotter than Cape Verde, and spent much more time out in the sun than I did recently – nevertheless, for the first time ever, my lips got sun burnt. ย I’ve never had burnt lips before, lesson learned – stinging and sore lips for the past couple of days. In future I’ll have to get a good sunblock for my lips, since my home made shea butter and coconut oil lip balm didn’t seem to do the trick this time.

Mr Mighty

Yes, he was here in Cape Verde, in fact a beach gym had been set up for his convenience, most considerate. For the record, I’m a big fan and huge follower of Mr Mighty, his confidence and positive example of effort and commitment to health and fitness is admirable, and great to watch on a day at the beach.



Some serious weight training equipment


In Cape Verde,ย the sand was dusty. You will not only have grains of sand to wash off your feet, but a film of white dust on your skin as well so worth carrying some baby wipes. I never knew sand was so diverse!


The air is so dry, no rain in weeks, blazing heat. Hopefully this was a nice and refreshing treat for the birds.


For me, another pina colada….



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