Scenes of Cape Verde

Before I start, just wanted to mention an article I read recently:

Empowering Cabo Verde to Better Deliver Water and Sanitation to Its People

This snapped me back to some of the real truths of Cape Verdean life.

I’m not entirely naive about the poverty levels but hearing that a woman had to choose between flushing her toilet and feeding her family due to water and sanitation costs – just brought it home, life for people has been and still is hard, in Cape Verde. The lack of rainfall plays a huge part in this.

Despite the hardship #nostress continues to be the tagline of choice.

To all those people complaining about the smell of drains in online hotel reviews – please show some empathy. I’ve smelt worse from anonymous armpits on the train!!

As with all travels, I believe that the universal sense of humanity most of us have, is put to the test when faced with the deprivation of others – some people laugh and ridicule, pretend not to notice it. Others are moved emotionally, and the holiday experience becomes more balanced, less about ‘the all inclusive’ and little more about the people, the world, learning and caring about others, wanting to make a difference – with a greater sense of gratitude for what we have.

Sorry if I sound preachy, I know not everyone will agree.

I found myself questioning some of my own attitudes during this trip, and reminding myself to be more understanding – in general, since we just don’t know what battles others are going through when we meet them fleetingly in life.

One small gesture could be the start of a chain of reactions that make a meaningful difference in someone’s life.

I’m getting all philosophical now….

On a lighter note, the beauty of Cape Verde

Photographs and video clips will capture some of Cape Verde’s charm, as seen in my other posts, other scenes will remain as memories, like the countless times street and shop sellers insist you choose something to take away as  gift from them to you – even when you didn’t buy anything from them.

More and more it seems that those with the least to give demonstrate the most generosity.

These days ‘art’ is my holiday souvenir of choice, and Cape Verde is certainly a great place to indulge without breaking the bank.

SAM_1839 copy

Very much captures the mood and sights of Santa Maria’s pier and hubbub of fishing activity. I got a really good deal on this one, while other sellers had tried to charge me more than three times the price. It really does pay to shop around!!


Dis-mounting the painting to roll up. So glad I bought from this honest seller in Santa Maria, Sal (located at the furthest end of the souvenir shop strip – keep going!).


Love the vibrant colours, and what a thrifty deal at €5 each!


Artistic plaques made from sand – you will find these everywhere.



The brown purse is made from a coconut shell  #recycle


Of course I couldn’t leave without the classic fridge magnet now could I, especially with this one being sculpted from clay – a mini work of art!



Music on video:

  1. Azonto Dance to Iyanya – Kukere! Azonto Fever
  2. Original makinety – ransé gogo baka
  3. Denty – Azogidi CD slee lobi – MUSIC OF SURINAM
  6. Gilson Furtado Na Nos Terra


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