Beach Banter #6

If Only

If only sun beds and deck chairs were built onto some sort of revolver, to save us the hassle of having to move them around when you need to swap angles to catch the sun as it moves (which is does here in Valtos Beach – and sets away from the beach).

Some Memories Never Fade

I spot a woman water skiing really fast, drawn along by a speed boat and all I can think is ‘Jaws’.

Mr Mighty

Yes there were a few of these during my time on Valtos Beach though they managed to escape my camera.

The first Mr Mighty swam an incredible distance out to sea from one end of Valtos beach then back across to the opposite side of the beach without stopping, and emerged from the water like ‘Bond’ – you know the one, with Daniel Craig, all toned, perfectly tanned and not a bit out of breath!!

Mr Mighty then proceeded to walk effortlessly down the pebbled shore (not an easy walk) back to his original side of the beach.

Another couple of mighty men were doing sprints up and down the beach in the baking hot sun, lets hope they applied their factor 30.

Cake On The Beach

A few other supplies…












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