Iberostar Parque Central Hotel Havana Cuba

After three nights at the Iberostar Parque Central, here are a few pictures in case you’re curious or planning a stay there yourself.

The hotel is described as one of the best hotels in the centre of Havana (I guess this depends what type of scene you’re into – a modern type of look rather than distinctly Cuban), there is plenty of hustle and bustle on the door step, within walking distance of monuments and museums.

The surrounding roads are super busy, a bit like a scene from New York but with prettier cars and finer architecture, so do watch out as not all the pedestrian crossings were working!

I wouldn’t say it was five star by universal standards, especially not with some of the electric socket covers hanging off the walls, peeling coverings on lampshades, grout stains in the bathroom and runny scrambled eggs.

All in all, it was a comfortable stay.

Good sized rooms

Plenty of wardrobe space



Views over Havana

This room didn’t have a proper balcony, you can lean out but there is nowhere to stand or sit.

Iberostar seem to really like these see through windows in bathrooms, so you can be seen from inside the bedroom if you like that sort of thing!!

Unlike this one, most sockets in the room were two pin european.

Health and safety warning!!!! Beware of this door in the corridor, especially at night when you can’t really see out of it properly – you’d think that where there’s a door it must lead to somewhere! Wrong. This door leads you straight into the night sky from the eighth floor of this hotel. In an emergency you might expect it to lead to a fire escape like outdoor stairs or roof terrace etc, but instead it’s an eight floor drop to the streets of Havana.

The passage that connects the old and new side of the hotel building

The water walls

Roof terrace

The hotel bank where you can change your money

Plenty of interesting art around the hotel to ponder on….

Art gallery and lounging areas upstairs

Live music here on an evening

Breakfast in the new wing of the hotel is fine (as pictured) but you get a a much bigger spread if you walk through the passage that takes you back to the older sider of the building.

Cuba food DSCN2113









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