Park Life: Hyde Park

When you live in a concrete jungle, you need an escape. Parks take you into another world, where you can pretend the traffic, trains and daily rat race don’t exist.

Nature becomes more apparent and you might be tempted to get back in touch with it by laying in the grass, or snoozing under a tree.

Speaking of trees, funny how you suddenly you become obsessed with trees – “wow look at that tree”, like you’ve never seen trees before; you never really stop to admire them in ‘real life’ but when you’re living the ‘park life’ ย trees become iPhone worthy!

The birds singing, ducks on the water, dragonflies and grey squirrels take on a whole new meaning, a beautiful calm and peaceful one.

You’ve escaped. You’re living the park life.


Admiring the trees…

Hot waffle with toffee sauce – quick sugar rush!!


So pretty

Find a bench, and relax



Anyone for ice cream?



Fluffy ducklings….








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