Veranda Grand Baie Hotel: Mauritius

First stop, first impressions – beautiful, and a welcome sight after an 18 hour haul. The Veranda Grand Baie in Mauritius is set amongst lush green surroundings and giant palm trees. Rooms look like little cottages (reminiscent of the Veranda Resort & Spa in Antigua).

A huge selling point with this hotel is it’s proximity to Grand Baie, you can walk there in about 10-15 mins either down the beach or via the main road – very handy for exploring Grand Baie.

Beautiful photography in the room…



Trees that make me feel even tinier lol, as I walk up for dinner….

Did I mention the frogs? Well I think they were frogs and they were loud, with deep croaking voices – and they seemed to like having a sing song every night 🐸

Evening entertainment…..

Shout out to PatriciaΒ  – who organised the entertainment most evenings – thanks for a lovely time!


Most of the books in the book nest were in french…..

The beach is very small, with little nooks of beach dotted around – but the scenery is stunning, lots of boats on the bay and beautiful blue ocean.

I’d recommend going bed and breakfast, free yourself up to eat out for lunch/dinner and try authentic mauritian food. Breakfast is pretty consistent each day (eggs, beans, chicken sausages).

There is also another public beach just behind the hotel – come out of the hotel, turn right then left. You’ll see a few street food sellers and a big stretch of public beach, way bigger that the tiny patches in front of the hotel.

Mauritius fresh Lychee Juice DSCN8611

One lychee juice coming right up….


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