Out and About in Mauritius #1

Photographs from a visit to the beautiful Botanical Gardens in Pamplemousse, north of the island, and a rare glimpse of hindu worshipers in the south, by the sacred river in Grand Bassin in the south west.

Hindu worshipers at the sacred river, in Grand Bassin.

Ganga Asnan is the colourful hindu festival that runs through November/December each year. The air was filled with incense, and the area was busy with people making offerings to their twelve gods. The river is sacred to worshipers, and when they bath in the water they believe it cleanses them, providing a purer, cleaner self.

Botanical Gardens, Pamplemousses

After entering through the impressive big white gates, tranquility awaits, along with tall majestic trees bearing interesting fruit and some wonderful flowers.

The lilly pads are just as pretty as the pictures, and walking through the gardens is very relaxing.

Anyone else seeing lips here?

I didn’t note the name of this tree but the red sap on the bark is used in parts of Africa to treat skin conditions like eczema.


A living, breathing work of art!


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So pretty


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