Out and About in Mauritius #4

Next, a quick visit to one of the best sugar factories I’ve see on my travels so far, (well actually it wasn’t quick, it  was a pretty long visit given the size of the factory and outside grounds) an interesting tour at the L’Aventure du Sucre (Sugar Adventure), in Pamplemousse Mauritius. You’ll learn some of the history behind the Mauritius sugar trade – then and now!

Information in the museum explained that from 1770-1800 Mauritius was predominantly forest land with not much sugar cane around, and that under the British rule from 1830, sugar cane was brought in/planted – by 1860 Mauritius was experiencing a sugar boom, with sugar cane virtually everywhere, all over the island. By 1950, most of the forests had given way to sugar cane and food crops – most of the island today, is covered in sugar cane crop.

The museum also has lots of exhibitions on the general history of Mauritius, including the settlements of the Dutch, French and British – not surprisingly, French and English are widely spoken.

Silly, I know, but the picture above reminds me of something from ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’…..

Different types of sugar

Beautiful photography around the museum


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