A Dreamy Beach: Ile Aux Cerfs Mauritius

Imagine feeling like you’re on a deserted island, wading through shallow waters that sweep round a huge curve before leading into the most dazzling sapphire blue ocean….that’s what you’ll experience if you take a boat trip to Ile Aux CerfsΒ  Mauritius, it was truly stunning, with a beautiful contrast between the two waters.

This is the beach I’ve harping on about ever since my time there, though Flic en Flac is nice too, but with an entirely different vibe.

During this trip I learned yet again that the locals rule, they love to get out and enjoy their island, we had a lively bunch on the boat with us 😊, and one very lively one in particular who I think had one Phoenix too many lol (that’s the local beer in Mauritius).

If I ever get to do this trip again, I think I’d like to try and do an early morning boat ride, watch the sunrise, and enjoy the island before it gets busy.

Honestly, as we approached, we were surrounded by boats, catamarans, speed boats, you name it. It was like piccadilly circus for boats, all trying to park up (or should I say ‘dock up’).

Ile Au Cerfs is one of the most highly recommended excursions in Mauritius and it doesn’t disappoint

Where turquoise blue meets sapphire blue, a dream come true wouldn’t be an understatement

Lunch time back on the boat – presentation is everything!

The crew….

Sun protection…….

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