Dear Morocco

I’d been meaning to drop by for a while now, sorry I took so long.

It was quite something to be engulfed in your sweet spicy air and terracotta backdrop.

I must say though, your medina in Marrakech was a bit scary as I span around in a whirlwind of music, animals, prayer chants, snake charmers, eager sellers, performers, scooters, tourists and other random busyness.

The all important fridge magnet

Your endless souks seemed like black holes, deep and winding caves filled with ‘all that glitters’, valleys of colour and an assault course of determined sellers.

I enjoyed your delicious lamb tagine and refreshing mint tea – cheers!

Essaouira was a breath of blue fresh air, and Zagora offered me a wonderfully peaceful Sahara experience.

Please put some higher and sturdier barriers on your Atlas Mountain roads though, those narrow bends and sharp drops are not helping anyone’s blood pressure 😆

I was lucky enough to pick the best couple of weeks in March for some good Moroccan weather – hot sunny 30 C + weather. The day I left you, the forecast was for heavy rain and thunderstorms.

Thank you for the lovely bits and pieces I managed to buy (after some mind-boggling and tiresome haggling); I’ve always loved your taste in home decor, and now I have some of the real McCoy to keep with me forever.

Perhaps we’ll meet again some day.

Shukran and farewell for now, Morocco.



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