Life’s A Beach

Like the tide, life’s moments come and go

Sometimes fast, sometimes slow

Sometimes gently, sometimes with intensity

Like the infinite horizon, life’s possibilities are endless

The choices we can make, and actions we choose to take

Like the grains of sand, we are many, spread far and wide, the human race

Like the creatures beneath the waves, we strive to keep up with life’s pace

Like the sea breeze, life carries us along

Like the sound of the waves, our moods are mirrored in a song

Like the palm tree, sometimes we stand tall

Like a proud sand castle, anyone can crumble and fall

Like people, oceans show many sides, raging and strong, gentle and calm

As with special people, we can’t resist the ocean’s charm

Like the sunrise, life offers chances for new starts

The patterns in the sky are a gallery of earth’s art

The sunsets are like life’s goodbyes

A time to reflect, before we rest our weary eyes

Life’s a beach



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