Margate Beach, Kent

British summer time goes hand in hand with a trip to the seaside – and this time I found myself pottering around Margate beach in Kent. When I think of Margate, I instantly think of All 4’s ‘Location Location Location’ since ‘Kirstie and Phil’ always seem to be filming the programme in this popular home buyers region.

Margate beach

When Londoners need a local seaside break, Margate beach tends to be one of the usual suspects, aka ‘Shorditch-On-Sea’, due to it’s quirky retro shops, restaurants, narrow streets and artsy vibe.

Everything you need for a day on Margate beach

Hot sauce and sun protection

I’d never been to a restaurant that serves suncream as a condiment, but I have now! You’ll find it next to the hot sauce. Please don’t mistake it for mayonnaise.

The Buoy and Oyster restaurant really know how to look after you!
…..and of course, ‘when in Kent, try some Kent crisps’
They were quite nice actually – not overly strong flavours and not too salty lol

I saw Iron Man and met The Shell Lady!

From a distance (like a few other unsuspecting visitors), I thought this was a real person. I guessed he’d had some sort of mud bath and was now psyching himself up to go for a chilly dip and rinse it all off.

Margate beach

Turns out he’s actually an iron sculpture made by artist Antony Gormley

Iron sculpture
More Margate artistry
Mrs Booth is a bronze sculpture named after a Margate landlady – twice widowed, losing one of her husbands to the seas.
The shells represent similar souvenirs sold in the area.

The Margate bus that’s always on time

There’s only one stop!!

Margate Property Conversions!

You’ll notice a lot of pretty church buildings around Margate town, and if you look closely you will spot this one. It’s not quite what it seems – it’s actually a mosque!

How interesting, this isn’t something I’ve ever come across before – seems like a very modern approach to places of worship!

It’s a mosque

Margate has it written in stone

The end of another lovely day

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