Travel Comedy Giveaway: Win a tripod for your travel photography!!

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To enter the prize draw, simply comment below, sharing your funniest travel moments using, #travelcomedy

Closing date 30th December 2019, midnight. Winner drawn from UK entries.

Being attacked by a black swan in the Bahamas would probably be one of my funny travel moments.

Do swans hate pink? My bright pink bag seemed to infuriate the swan, like red to a bull. Beak firmly locked on tightly and tugging at the bag really hard – I never knew swans had such strength!!!

Come to think if it, I was probably the only one who didn’t find it funny at the time – that swan had a seriously vicious streak, but I can confirm that no swans were harmed in the making of this funny moment!

Boarding an unruly camel in the Sahara Desert would be another one.

Plus listening to an absolutely ear-wrenching rendition of Whitney Houstons’ ‘I will always love you’ at a hotel karaoke beach night…not that I could have sung it any better πŸ€ͺ🎀

Please do share some of your funniest travel moments below.

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85 thoughts on “Travel Comedy Giveaway: Win a tripod for your travel photography!!

  1. angie pickering

    Being chased by a kangaroo in Australia! I had hired a camper van for a couple of weeks with my daughter, we had parked up at a camping site and I was making some sandwiches while she had gone for a wander. I was taking the sandwiches to her when a kangaroo came out of a nearby wood and started chasing me, I kept running and she kept laughing, I eventually got back to the van and shut the door. It had just never occured to me to throw away the sandwiches! #travelcomedy

  2. Tony Martin

    #travelcomedy can admit to having done the double in Canada, wen to Quebec with my sister and amidst the mountains was driving 5 dogs on a sled in style, until the sled lodged on the snow on a peaked area, electing to give a mighty shove with my sister in the sled, the dogs felt the slack and stared to accelerate downhill, sadly faster than I could run in boots holding the back of the sled and with an attempt to leap onto the runners at the back I missed and was then being dragged downhill face down in the snow, dogs getting faster and just my knuckles visible to the world, at that moment I could only decide to may Frank Spencer type wailing sounds to try and attract the guide on the sled in front. Thankfully she spotted I was no longer standing upon the sled and managed to halt the dog at the front of our sled. After likening me to superman for hanging on and flying she suggested my sister may wish to drive the dogs to give me a rest after 90 mins of driving them through the accruing snow.

    With 15 mins left to return to base the guide pulled us over and explained to my sister we were about to be coming down the side of a mountain to a sharp turn so be sure to control the brake with the dogs so they dont go full tilt into the bend, we set off speed picking up as anticipated and as the bend grew closer from my front seat view I could see we wasnt slowing down, some colourful language was shouted at my sister to brake but then we had reached the corner, the sled flipped ito the air with me inside and I recalled seeing my sister had jumped off the back, The sled landed upon me and as I tried to move I felt the dogs pull against the sled. I realised at this point my weight was the brake and if I moved we lost the sled and the dogs, my lasting memory as I lay there was my sisters giggles and the words ‘Where’s my camera!’

    Can laugh at both as nobody got hurt but from that point forward after finding out my sister had leaped from the back as it hit the corner, my sister was banned from driving the sled anymore for life if I was the passenger

  3. Jennifer Potter

    So many funny moments from hols. For starters on the plane going on holiday I went to the loo for a number 2 and didn’t lock the door properly and a man opened while I was sat there with my pants round my ankles!!!!!
    Went on holiday to turkey another time and went to go on a camel, I got on it and then it suddenly stood up and I flew off on to the floor, painful and embarrassing.

  4. Kirsty B

    When we were young my mum and dad took us to Britanny. My mum was searching round a rock pool when she over heard an English speaking tour and decided to sneakily join the back to listen in. As she did she slipped and noisily fell into the sea on top of someone’s inflatable dinghy. Never have we laughed so hard at my mums love of freebies landing her in trouble

  5. Laura Pritchard

    I was abseiling down a waterfall in the Blue Mountains, half my group were down & half were waist deep in water in a cave at the top. I’d abseiled on dry rock before but this was my first waterfall and it was huge! I managed the overhang but then I was immersed in the water and lost my footing, ended up spinning like a spider on a web! The guides were trying to shout down instructions but the water was in my face and I couldn’t hear! After 20 minutes of this one of them abseiled down and pulled me out so I could carry on down! My friend was like, ‘It was really funny for the first 5 minutes then it just got boring!’ #travelcomedy

  6. Daniel

    My funniest traveling experience was when i was lost in south africa in the wood i don’t remember where but i was extremely scared cause i was walking with my sisters and my uncle, i don’t know how i lost them, but i tried to find them but instead i found a dog and loved him so much that i didn’t want to leave him, but then they found me i was so mad 😭😭😭 #travelcomedy

  7. Snowfinch (@Snowfinch1)

    While climbing up a rickety ladder in a bell tower, one of the first in the group to do so, I realised that it had not been a great day to wear a light skirt as a gust of wind came along and exposed my bright pink undies to everyone below! I couldn’t even let go of the ladder to grab the skirt and save my blushes. *Mortified*!. Everyone else had a great laugh though!

  8. labake's beauty blog

    How I wish I could actually enter this giveaway contest. I have a travel blog where I wrute about beautiful places in the world and i would love to travel someday and fulfil my dreams. So i don’t have a travel story except one time when I was visiting a friend in another state and I had to pee really bad, I was so uncomfortable but I just had to endure. The journey took 6 hours and on getting to my friend campus, he was busy introducing me to his friends and I had to make a fake smile just to get it moving but unfortunately I peed and it was so embarrassing. My friend still laughs off the my look till date.

    Here is my travel blog link, please do check it out

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