Let’s Go to Gozzo: The Sister Island of Malta

So, What’s the big deal with Gozo?

Gozo seems to carry a lot of prestige in Malta, there’s a real aura of pride around it, and it’s very much ‘the done thing’ to at least have a day trip to the island when you visit. 

Getting to Gozo – Go North

Waiting for the ferry, boarding it and getting off was a bit chaotic – the crowds were tightly packed and congested.
I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like in high season, or during an emergency situation (heaven forbid) it must be a nightmare. 


Children can’t leave school without any qualifications and there’s no such thing as ‘old people’s homes’

First Impressions

Gozo seems to have held strong to its authentic traditional self.

Gozo is more rural, buildings are more spaced out and it’s much quieter than the Malta.

Granted, mine was only a whistle stop tour, but I didn’t see any high rise buildings or designer shops and from what I gathered, any kind of development on Gozo’s open spaces is strictly prohibited. 

Malta Gozo cherrylsblog.com DSCN1029

Stepping off the ferry

The Cittadella, in the capital Victoria

Another walled fortress, a medieval city built during the bronze age to protect Gozo from invaders

Lace souvenirs at a local crafts shop

Life on Gozo

By all accounts the government gives residents 2000 Euros each year to maintain their window boxes.

Our guide explained that children are not allowed to leave the education system without any qualifications (not sure if this was Malta in general or just on Gozo).

She also said Gozo is pretty much crime-free and that residents put a lot of pressure on the government to apply the harshest measures on anyone indulging in criminal behaviour on the island.

There are no such things as old people’s homes on Gozo (she continued) since family and friends care for their own, and neighbours help each other.

Ambulances will come and take you to your hospital appointments and the community spirit is very strong.

Game of Thrones filmed around here too

Need a top up?

The Ggantija Temples are believed to be older than the Egyptian pyramids

The trackless train tour from Marsalforn – excuse the blurry picture!! When we rode along the coast of Marsalforn Bay, Qbajjar Bay and Xwejni Bay the waves were pretty spectacular. No vehicles (apart from the trackless train) are allowed along this route so its rarely visited by tourists.

Rumour has it….

A Chinese company has been in talks with Malta/Gozo about building a bridge to connect the two islands….if it goes ahead it will mean a lot more traffic entering Gozo. Nothing seems to be happening yet though. 

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