Renaissance London Heathrow Airport Hotel: A Quick Look

The Renaissance London Heathrow Hotel is particularly handy if you’re flying from or landing in terminal 2 or 3, and you need a hotel stay to keep on top of your beauty sleep and reduce the stress of commuting to and from your flight.

I’d say it’s a fairly modern looking hotel, and if you love a glamorous chandelier clad entrance you’ll get that in the reception area.

Runway View Room

A view of the runway and planes taking off always helps you get into that holiday mood, and it’s quite therapeutic to watch.

No frills, decorated in warm creamy colours, the room felt warm, and the bed was super comfy, with quite a deep soft and springy mattress, I slept like a baby. (Sorry if you’re ‘team firm’).

The Renaissance is yet another hotel with a scarily monster sized flatscreen TV in your room …I’m sure there must be people out there who have missed flights due to being glued to those screens πŸ˜†

The room wasn’t overflowing with sockets but there was an adequate amount.

I found two USB charging ports in the clock (yes a clock – rare thing in hotels these days), easily missed unless you look closely, and very handy for all your cameras and devices.

There are also charging ports in the Renaissance London Heathrow Hotel lobby.

You’re probably only staying for a night or two so you don’t really need much wardrobe space.

Nevertheless, you get a generous double wardrobe all the same, plus ‘proper’ coat hangers – not the one’s you literally have to dismantle each time you use them.

Along with free wifi in your room, 24hr room service, an iron/board/hairdryer/safe, there’s also a fridge.

…and an ice bucket and tongs!

Any perks?

Well if you order breakfast to your room, just pray that they’re a few minutes late getting it to you.

If they’re late, its hotel policy to let you have it for free!

Renaissance London Heathrow Hotel DSCN8756.JPG

Typical of most airport hotels, there’s car parking if you’re driving, as well as a shuttle bus to take you to all the other terminals for a small cost, or you can get a taxi.

The hotel is not close enough to walk to any of the terminals, and the roads aren’t exactly pedestrian friendly either.

Any complaints?

Let me think.

The spy hole on the room door was quite high, those of us on the petite side might need to stand on the foot stool to take a peek.


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