Emmerdale Village Tour: Quick Summary

Any Emmerdale fans?

The Emmerdale Village Tour has been going for a while now I think…

Again, as with the Coronation Street tour, I don’t watch it – or any other soap opera (plus I’m pretty rubbish with TV in general), but visiting a TV set is a bit more interesting, and on this occasion, another great birthday surprise gift for mum.

To be honest, I found the ‘Corrie’ tour more interesting, and would recommend that one if you’re torn between the two….it felt more like being on a TV set.

The walk down to the main village


Considering Emmerdale is associated with farms, you don’t see any farm sets on the tour or livestock. πŸ„ 🚜

As with most tv related things, a lot of scenes are shot against a green screen with little camera tricks – for things like ‘falling off cliff’. 🧐

The Emmerdale set is leased – so if the show were to stop, all tarmac would have to be dug up. All the land would have to return to farmland.

There’s a graveyard on set, with a mixture of real graves and character graves – you will have the option not to walk through it if that makes you feel uncomfortable. Jack Sugden’s grave got a lot of attention.

The photographs I’ve shared probably won’t mean anything much to you unless you actually watch the show – if you do – then please enjoy!

The Woolpack

A few bits of useful info before you go:

  1. Book tickets online
  2. Once you get to the official pick up point – you wait for the tour bus to come and get you….be warned, it pulls in and out round the back (larger car park area) of the New Inn, not the front. It’s a quick bus journey up to the set – about 5 – 10 mins. You can’t drive this bit yourself due to security – you have to get on the pick up bus.
  3. You can take photographs throughout the tour but no video footage. There are hidden cameras and security everywhere and if they catch you filming you will be escorted off the tour and required to delete the footage.
  4. You must not walk on any of the grass.
  5. The tour is 100% outdoors for roughly 2 hrs so take a brolly, raincoat and something warm to throw on in case the weather changes – be prepared!!!
  6. You won’t go inside any of the buildings, not even the legendary Woolpack – as the internal filming is done in a studio further into Leeds City Centre.
  7. When you get off the bus you’ll see the gift shop/stand. Your guide will tell you to buy any gifts and souvenirs before the tour starts because the shop will be closed by the timeΒ  the tour ends – well they did when we went.
  8. There are porta-cabin type toilets just before the tour starts – but once the tour begins there will not be any others until the end when you get back to the starting point.

We were not alllowed to walk over the bridge for “health & safety reasons”



One of the houses in the distance is where the Dingle family live

These are not real signs

Well it wouldn’t have been right to go home without at least a fridge magnet. The coasters are glossier than they look in the photo – couldn’t resist!


15 thoughts on “Emmerdale Village Tour: Quick Summary

  1. Ellie Thompson

    Lovely and interesting photos, Cherryl. I’ve never watched Emmerdale, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the photographs. Like you, I watch very little television except, perhaps, when I go to bed when my choice is either real-life police programmes or practical medical programmes like A&E. Very relaxing viewing, I don’t think. Somehow, they seem to lull me off to sleep. Goodness knows why! I’m not your average viewer!

    I’m surprised to hear that the Emmerdale land is leased and that the concrete would have to be restored to farming land if the programme ended. It’s a shame they had to lay concrete in the first place, but I guess the actors/residents of Emmerdale need to get their cars about. I would have liked to be on that tour, just because I’d love to see somewhere as old and interesting as that area. You do have some lovely places near to you up there, don’t you? I daresay there are beautiful places near me, too; it’s just that I don’t have transport, so I am unable to see any of them. That makes me appreciate your blog even more as it takes me on a magical mystery tour each time. Thanks for sharing these, Cherryl. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit here. Xx 😘

  2. Sheila Landry Designs

    I have not watched the series. But I imagine that part of the enchantment of watching something like that would be a bit lost after a behind-the-scenes tour. It is pretty though, and looks inviting. But the ‘look, don’t touch’ attitude would (to me) be off putting. I probably would rather live in my little fantasy world of how I perceive it to be rather than deal with the reality. My daughter went on the “Sex in the City” tour when she was in New York a couple of years ago. She is/was a big fan of the show. She liked the tour, but I feel as if she felt a little flat after it, too. We all like dreaming, I guess. (Especially with how the reality of the world is these days! Ha!) Glad to see you back. It is a beautiful post.

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