More Souvenirs and Cumbrian Snapshots, The Lake District

Following on from gingerbread and cruises, here are a few more scenes from around the Lake District, a few more souvenirs and a mysterious mythical creature!

Firstly, a couple of random thoughts

Tatty Pot is a signature Cumbrian lamb dish. I haven’t tried it but would love to know if anyone has and whether they enjoyed it.

I heard that most of the dry stone walls in the Lake District are over 700 years old, which is amazing!! I also heard that those in the Yorkshire Dales last approx 100 years….wonder why – maybe they’re made from a different type of stone πŸ€”

Mythical creatures?

There is (allegedly) a creature called the Tizzie Whizie around the Lakes. It can be spotted in Windermere if you look hard enough. I didn’t see one, has anyone seen one?

Maybe it’s just a myth afterall.

Looks like a flying hedgehog 🧐

Kirkstone Pass

I was in awe of this place. Loved feeling so tiny, enveloped by so many high, looming green peaks, and the misty skies, such an intense atmosphere.

I’m told the mist can get really bad up there to the point where you can’t see a thing, so I was really grateful the weather was kind that day.

I’m no professional photographer but I still don’t think photographs really do it justice, you have to be there to get the feeling.

True of a lot of places tbh.

The sheep sitting in the road were so chilled out, not really bothered by vehicles passing by.

A few other Souvenirs

I showed you the traditional gingerbread and gingerbread popcorn I picked up in the last post – but I brought home a few other unnecessary bits as well.

I heard about mint cake whilst in a queue in a Wensleydale gift shop a few months back. The lady in front of me apologised and said “I’m just going to grab some mint cakeΒ for my mum, I’ll be back”. I asked what it was and she struggled to describe it. “A bit like a big minty biscuit”Β  I think she said.

I came across it again in the Lakes and quickly learned that this minty bar gives quick boosts of energy – very popular with hikers and mountain climbers.

Despite the name, it isn’t a cake – more like a minty sugar bar – or in the case of the chocolate covered bars ‘a giant after eight’ only with a thicker and crunchier mint centre. I doubt you’d eat much of it in one sitting.

Coasters, why not, they’ve been added to the ever growing tower, they’re always handy right! Plus two fridge magnets for good measure 🀭

Couple of postcards, that I have now annoyingly managed to crease 😩


A quaint little village with the shortest bus stops I’ve ever seen!! If you are anything over 4ft tall you might wonder if the bus stop posts have shrunk!!

Former grammar school building

Spot the mini bust stop….

Coniston Water

Just peaceful!

39 thoughts on “More Souvenirs and Cumbrian Snapshots, The Lake District

  1. rmcarlysle

    I really enjoyed this post and your photos were excellent. Pity you didn’t make it to Borrowdale – it is the most wonderful place and is often referred to as the ‘Switzerland of the Lake District’. It has everything you could want: a stunning lake with a shoreline peppered with little coves and inlets; wooded slopes; impressive Fells which are surprisingly accessible; Keswick with its cobbled streets and Moot Hall. Love it.

    1. Cherryl

      Thanks for reading Neil. That’s a difficult question to answer as they all have unique and different characters and different things on offer – I guess the thing that makes me less inclined to want to visit a city again is a lack of character/distinction. York has a lot of historic character, beautiful buildings and visual charm so that would probably be one of my favs for a wander 😊

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