Quick Cuppa: Mr Perfect and Dodgy Straws!

Make mine a peppermint tea, and please help yourself to some homemade apricot and raisin flapjack or lemon drizzle cake if you like, I’ve just done another batch! Lemon drizzle has become my habitual bake of choice these days but I have some lovely 90% dark chocolate in the cupboard that’s screaming to be made into a chocolate brownie so watch this space.

I hope you’re all keeping well and still waving the blogging flag, taking time out when you need to and still enjoying it πŸ’«

As usual with these tea break posts, I’ll just rattle on about any old random things I’ve seen/heard lately, before the tea gets cold!

Now then, let the idle chatter commence.



One end of a telephone conversation in a large open plan office space – someone trying to help resolve someone else’s monitor/screen issue, seemingly.

“I love your desk and I really love your chair, I was sitting in it this morning from around 8am. It’s a great little corner. I was warming up your seat …….it was me, yes it was me, I’m sorry yes it was me……..

Ok bye gorgeous”

Cringe 😬 😬

Then – the same person talking to one of his colleagues sitting near him:

“….you need to do a dance to show your appreciation….a belly dance…yeah”

At this point I’m praying a silent prayer that I never end up having to work with this guy – I have no idea who he is and would like to keep it that way😱 🀣


Mr Perfect 😝

Well, the coaster kind for a whopping 25p πŸ˜† (reduced from Β£1 each from Barnardos). I couldn’t resist for that price, I’m sure it will make a great gift at some point – I’ll add it to my ‘gifts on standby’ for when needed.

As you can see from the picture, Mr Perfect is very popular, I grabbed the last one!


Whether anyone has gone as far as to buy and put up one of these (or similar signs) in their house, office or workplace? πŸ€”


I think the Beetle car is the reception desk of this barber shop in Billericay, Essex. The shop was closed but I couldn’t help stopping to admire the quirky thinking here. Clearly this shop window could do with a good clean.

Raised a brow at…

I was watching a travel vlog and the vlogger (on holiday) said “I’m having wine today because I just can’t take anymore alcohol…I’m drinking wine and I feel like an old lady, but it is what it is”Β 

She had a big glass of red wine btw.

What?????? So many whatsΒ  πŸ€” 🍷

Bought some more…

These are so handy at home – not the most tidy but if you want to reduce the amount of wi-fi in the house and work with a more secure and reliable connection, these are really good – you can disable wifi on your laptop and connect via ethernet via any plug socket with these adapters – you’ll need an ethernet adapter for Macbooks though.

Polished Off

A spicy chicken gyro – so good, perfect fast grab on the go food, but I challenge anyone to eat this delicious thing without making a mess πŸ˜‹πŸ˜

Cooled Off

With this delicious sorbet duo (especially the mango one πŸ˜‹) @Wagamamas

However, if you’re cooling off with a drink, I hope you don’t end up with one of these straws that Costa gave me. What a waste of time.

While the straw is busy disintegrating by the minute, the drink leaks through the gaps in the straw before it gets anywhere near your mouth. Which genius designed this one then!! To top it off, (taste-wise) the drink was as watery as a glass of water. Won’t be buying again πŸ‘Ž

Raised a Brow

At the advert below.

???!?!?!?!?!?!?***?* No words. I researched no further, curiosity didn’t get the better of me, but I do remember sitting looking at this thinking what on earth are they actually advertising here. If it’s just an alcoholic drink, isn’t this overkill with the marketing pitch???Β  Β Fish – so you can buy fresh fish??Β  Turbans…how does this connect to your mouth. Just why??? There is just far too much for an average commuter to think about and investigate here before any sense can be made.Β  Headache.😣

Spotted on a tube carriage on the Bakerloo line. I took this picture a few months back and found it on my phone during some recent ‘phone spring cleaning’ .Β Deleted.


These beauties popped up in the front garden earlier this summer, not sure what flower this isΒ  – maybe some sort of tulip?? Love it, a splash of cheer.

That’s probably enough idle chatter from me for now.

Have a lovely blessed and sunshine-filled week ahead xx πŸ”† πŸ™

18 thoughts on “Quick Cuppa: Mr Perfect and Dodgy Straws!

  1. Mari Nicholson

    I’ve had people say that to me before about wine not being alcoholic! I think what they mean is that it’s not as strong as the cocktails that seem to be obligatory today, hard spirt based. Seems its a generational thing again. I went out with a niece recently and couldn’t wait to get home, what with trying to drink the whole menu of cocktails and then shots! I did make my excuses and left early.

  2. debscarey

    Loving the Beatle reception desk, but agree with you that it’s spoiled by the grubby window. Those ‘man cave’ etc signs made me positively shudder. Fortunately, I’ve never seen anyone display them in their homes, although I do know people who’ve been *lucky* enough to be gifted them. I wonder if they pull them out when the gifter visits? As for the woman who doesn’t understand that wine isn’t grape juice but does contain alcohol – what world is she living in? Is she American perchance – they do seem to have a decidedly relaxed attitude to drinking and driving over there…

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