Seas, Oceans, Waves

Calm, relaxed and at peace, that’s how I feel when I’m near the sea, hearing the waves, feasting on an infinite ocean view, my mind is clearer and thoughts come to me more easily. The sea seems charged with emotion, sometimes it’s still, unassuming and beckoning, then within hours, minutes even, it develops an almighty […]

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Where to go in Wales: Two Nights in Tenby

Tenby (also known as ‘little town of fishes’) is small medieval seaside resort in Pembrokeshire thatย  just oozes candy coloured charm alongside rustic castle walls around the main town. This was the favourite stay throughout my summer Welsh galavants, and I now see precisely why people flock there for the summer holidays. Blue sea, white […]

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Snapshots of Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, West Wales

Two nights by the Aberystwyth seaside gave me a well needed dose of clean welsh sea air and that lovely aroma of seaweed.ย Aberystwyth is a university seaside town and popular holiday destination, framed by the ruins of an impressive sea front castle, built in the 1200s over a twelve year period. Aberystwyth is a town […]

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