Crocodiles and Tortoises: La Vanille Nature Park, Mauritius

La Vanilla Nature Park in Mauritius, is home to all sorts of animals including crocodiles, racoons, monkeys, bats, giant tortoises and a range of tropical plant life.

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Newton House: The Downtown Abbey of Wales! Llandeilo Carmarthenshire

Another Welsh must see is the grand and historic Newton House. Today Newton House and grounds are used for TV, exhibitions and weddings as well as offering scenic walks and a museum piece for admiration. The deer create a dreamy scene from the back of the house and the gardens ย and farmland seem to stretch […]

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A Sunday Well Spent……From Regent Street to Regents Park

London’s Regent Street was blocked off for traffic today and had all sorts of interesting things going on from having a go at beating the fastest tennis slam speed, Cuban musicians, fitness sessions and plenty more. Needless to say I was very quickly distracted from window shopping and decided to go for a wander. We […]

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