Crocodiles and Tortoises: La Vanille Nature Park, Mauritius

What a fabulous place, a tropical hideaway, the La Vanille Nature Park, Mauritius.

Even if you’re not interested in animals, you’ll enjoy the rainforest ambience, the walking trails through the lush fog of trees, and the music from various exotic bird calls.

La Vanille Nature Park in Mauritius is home to some very old tortoises and various other animals, including farm animals.

Meet Octa the Iguana, he jumped down off his perch to say hello – very sociable chap. His skin felt smooth, yet cobbled. He looked me up and down intently while I took pictures of him, clearly not phased by camera attention.

Apparently Iguanas have become the new modern pet – surely they’ll be lacking in Vitamin D cooped up in people’s homes, they’re team tropical!

Eye contact!

There seemed to be hundreds of giant tortoises roaming or snoozing around the place, I didn’t realise how big they are – they’re huge!!!! What a privilage to walk amongst these magnificent animals, get up close and stroke their soft wrinkly necks, which they seem to like, and feel those beautiful shells (which were very smooth and warm).

Sleepy heads

The tortoises made a very deep guttural sighing noise, and generally walked for about three seconds at a time before settling down to rest again.

There was one guy who seemed to be in a hurry, walking faster than me, I had to step aside lol.

Squad pose…

Something I didn’t like – all the babies are kept in separate purpose built enclosures – nurseries, away from their mums!!!

There were a few adult tortoises that were away from the rest of the adults, pressing themselves against the nursery – I wonder if these were anguished parents, wanting to be near their babies….

Dodo santa!!

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