Berber Life and the High Atlas Mountains: tea, sheep, scary roads and fossil sellers

Berber life is an escape from the modern, a contrast to the cities, the luxury of some of natures finest scenery and a life of resourcefulness. “Berber people  live simple lives and make the most of the resources they have”. In the big cities like Casablanca and Marrakech however, “people are always running, rushing around, […]

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Maison Tiskiwin: Musée Bert Flint Museum, Morocco

Maison Tiskiwin: A must-see museum for the culturally curious Quaint and cosy, ‘Maison Tiskiwin’ (also known as the Tiskiwin) boasts an impressive collection of Moroccan art work, and artefacts from anthropologist Bert Flint’s art collection; Flint founded the museum in 1996 paying homage to 50 years of compulsive research into Moroccan culture, particularly the more […]

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Out and About Morocco #2: Argan Oil, pottery and Moroccan Wine

Moroccan women are empowering themselves by crushing nuts…to make Argan oil! When you visit Morocco, you’ll probably end up buying a bottle or argan oil – you’ll see it for sale pretty much everywhere like a kind of Moroccan trademark souvenir. Hand made items and the opportunity to see local people making and producing them […]

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