Maison Tiskiwin: Musée Bert Flint Museum, Morocco

Maison Tiskiwin: A must-see museum for the culturally curious

Quaint and cosy, ‘Maison Tiskiwin’ (also known as the Tiskiwin) boasts an impressive collection of Moroccan art work, and artefacts from anthropologist Bert Flint’s art collection; Flint founded the museum in 1996 paying homage to 50 years of compulsive research into Moroccan culture, particularly the more rural kind.

Flint’s collection is intended to reflect the roundtrip journey made along a caravan route from Marrakech through the High Atlas Mountains to Timbuktu. It’s incredible to think of the days/weeks spent traveling by camel, stopping and setting up camp, then packing everything up and setting off again.

Flint, a man of Dutch origin, loved Morocco. His research took him on far out adventurous escapades into the High Atlas Mountains and Sahara regions – he made Morocco his home and lived it, even throughout his retirement.

Strong Berber,  African, Saharan themes are the order of the day, including carvings, carpets, masks jewellery, tools, costumes and crafts.

It’s a riad and a museum in one! Built around small decorative courtyard with lots of little nooks, crannies, narrow corridors, unexpected turns and decorative steps leading to upper and lower levels throughout. I felt like I was snooping around someone’s house.


You’ll find Maison Tiskiwin located on the heart of Marrakech, and not far from the equally popular Bahai Palace; both are usually included in an organised day tour of Marrakech.

I was so fascinated with the museum that I almost got locked in, 😆I probably wouldn’t have minded camping out in one of those fabulous tents for the night!!

The level of detail and time it would have taken, shows a real sense of pride in the things they produced.

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