Never A Dull Moment: Entering The Fourth Age

The notion of a fourth age, what an interesting and very relevant topic!! I’m probably not the only one noticing the not so subtle increase in self service machines and reduction in humanly manned check out tills in shops/banks/post offices these days, or the general creeping momentum around all things ‘smart’ and the ushering in […]

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Use Protection?

Worryingly, a lot has been written about the harmful effects of sun protection products, including their contribution to a variety of cancers (which, ironically, people think they’re being protected against). In the past, when I’ve looked at the ingredients on these product bottles, all I see is a long list of ‘unpronounceable’ words that quite […]

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Not A Morning Person? A Few Morning Tips To Get You Out of The House Quicker

Getting Up If you struggle getting up in the morning you might need a new sleep/diet/exercise routine…..maybe. Try to get a good night’s sleep, even if it means gong to bed earlier and developing a new evening wind down routine. That aside, leave your alarm somewhere that is not within arms reach of your bed, […]

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